Rocky Mountain Raceway 75 Lap Segmented Race Bonus and Rules defined   Picks Insulation Bonus Structure

Format: Any truck in the top 3 at the break (described below) will be eligible to move to the rear and take the Picks Insulation Bonus Challenge. If one truck takes the challenge he/she will be eligible for first, second or third place bonus dollars as described below, as will be if two or all three trucks take the challenge.


Bonus’ will be awarded as follows:


  1. If 16 or more trucks take the initial green flag the available bonus for qualified trucks that have dropped to the rear will be $300.00 for a first-place finish, $200.00 for a second-place finish and $100.00 for a third-place finish.
  2. If 14 to 16 trucks take the initial green flag the available bonus for qualified trucks that have dropped to the rear will be $200.00 for a first-place finish, $100.00 for a second-place finish and $100.00 for a third-place finish.
  3. If 13 or less trucks take the initial green flag the available bonus for qualified trucks that have dropped to the rear will be $100.00 for a first-place finish, $100.00 for a second-place finish.


Rules and Format


  1. All 2017 Pro Truck rules apply and will be strictly enforced


  1.  Trucks will run a minimum of 35 and a maximum of 40 green flag laps before the break. The stop will be scheduled for lap 40 however any caution falling past lap 35 will constitute the half way break. If no caution falls and lap 40 is reached the restart will be single file in the order the trucks crossed the line on the last completed green flag lap. No lucky dog will be awarded and no cone will be used for the restart in the event a caution falls between lap 35 and 40 the restart will be as it is with any caution allowing for a lucky dog as well as a cone restart. The cone will be displayed following the break.


  1. During the 10-minute break another class will be scheduled to run. When the clock hits 8 minutes a warning will be broadcast at 10 minutes ALL work must stop. Any team continuing to work will be moved to the rear of the field for the restart


  1. Picks Insulation will be offering any driver in the top three the opportunity to drop to the rear of the field. If more than one of the top three elect to go back those trucks will be inverted at the rear If no eligible truck wins the highest finisher of those dropping back will receive a 100 bonus. In the event no one wins Sunday the highest finisher of the eligible trucks will be awarded a 100 bonus. In the event of a caution bringing us to the break any bonus driver must go to the tail end of the longest line behind and lapped or pit trucks including the lucky dog.


  1. Rules during the break. No jacking up the truck, all four tires must remain on the ground at all times, no tire may be changed, no fuel may be added. Changing one or more tires or adding fuel will result in a 2-lap penalty and must be approved by Cortlin.


Passing points, passing points will be awarded as they are for any event with positions gained based on starting position and finishing position. Any truck accepting the challenge to drop to the rear will not be eligible for any additional passing points

Drew Reitsma Bounces Back from a Mid-Race Wreck to Finish 4th, As The Newhoue Motorsports finished with a one-two finish.

By: Nate Graves


This weekend it was the Magic Valley Speedway who played host to the Pro Truck Series for some rambunctious racing action that these truck teams are obviously so well known for.

After a wild night of double mains on an unfamiliar and flat racing surface in Pocatello. The drivers and teams came into Saturday night’s race looking forward to the comfortably smooth, high-speed, progressively banked 1/3 mile oval at the MVS.

Most notably, the one driver most looking forward to the 2017 MVS homecoming run was Twin Falls’ own Jason Quale. The driver of the no. 12 Quale’s Electronics Chevrolet continued his hot streak this weekend after he opened it up with his 3rd straight quick qualifier.

But with 13 trucks in the field, and the “consistency kid” Jason Quale rolling off the grid in a 12th place spot, it’s safe to say the odds were very much stacked against him. Especially considering that 3X Champion Johnny Pierre was starting on the front row. Furthermore, defending series champion John Newhouse, current series points leader Mason Newhouse, and the hard-luck stricken, but starving for a win driver Drew Reitsma were all slated to roll off on the green flag in front of him.

After the drop of the green it took only 12 laps to see that Quale was the dominant force, but was going to need some luck if a second win in just 3 races were going to at all be possible. By then Johnny Pierre’s no. 38 had amassed about a full straight-away lead on the rest of the field , and although Quale had surged ahead of both Newhouse Motorsports drivers, he quickly found himself at the tail end of a hungry pack of trucks, including Reitsma, that were all running door to door and nose to tail.

Perhaps the most pivotal and race-changing moment of the night came on lap 22 when Casey Pehrson’s  no. 62 Idaho Powder Coating Chevrolet snapped loose on the exit of turn 4. Instantly, the perfectly synchronized alignment of trucks, quickly disintegrated into what I would describe as a carnival of carnage as Pehrson clipped the right-rear of Reitsma’s no. 73, thus sending him into an uncontrollable tail spin that ultimately left the Reitsma Holsteins backed entry stacked up against the wall with Marky’s Super-Tow lowering the hook on the boom.

“I thought once we hit the wall our night was over,” said Reitsma.

However, after a quick evaluation of the damage, crew chief Greg Reitsma quickly realized the damage wasn’t as bad as they had previously thought. So he sent his driver back out where he was greeted with a thunderous roar from the race-fans at the sight of his white no. 73 blazing out of the hot lane and back onto the track.

At the drop of the green on the restart, the Newhouse team seemingly dipped into the reserve speed they must have stored away somewhere because in the final 38 laps of the main it became a two-way battle for the glory with Mason leading and John doing everthing he could to pass his son. He went high, and tried low doing everything he could to get by the slightly faster no. 36 truck but failed to complete the pass as Mason Newhouse brought it home with his 2nd straight win at the MVS. John Newhouse came home 3rd after Johnny Pierre completed a daring last lap pass. Jerry Rice came out unscathed and with another solid 4th place run, but the hard charger of the night award undoubtedly went to the no. 73 team as they were able to rally back with a 5th place finish after their night had seemingly ended.

The Pro Truck Series is a regional touring series competing in Idaho and Utah. You can catch them in action at Meridian Speedway, Magic Valley Speedway, Pocatello Raceway, and Rocky Mountain Raceway. The trucks are full fiberglass bodied race vehicles with a spec motor, transmission, rear-end, and suspension. Next race for the Pro Trucks will be on Saturday August 12, and Sunday August 13 for a two night show at the oval track At Rocky Mountain Raceways for their final stop in Salt Lake City.


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