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20 Years of Champions

2017 Pro Truck Series Champion Mason Newhouse



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What began as a risky, yet new unique oval track racing concept has now grown into perhaps the most iconic and unique regional touring series in today’s racing world.

It all started in 1997, and on Saturday Sept. 9, the Pro Truck Series crowned their champion at the Magic Valley Speedway, which is the same venue where it all started.

On a night characterized by good racing and great sportsmanship, 3rd year driver Mason Newhouse stood in victory lane as not only the winner of the Agri-Service 75, but the 2017 season champion as well. After a hug from his dad, and a ferocious high five from crew chief Brian Helm, Newhouse thanked his sponsors and raised his arms in victory as the official Pro Truck Series champion of the 20th anniversary season.

But before the champion could officially be crowned the race had to be run. At the drop of the green chaos ensued right off the get-go when Casey Pehrson made contact with John Newhouse exiting turn 2 to bring out the early caution. On the ensuing restart and after fierce battle between Mason Newhouse and Drew Reitsma, the battle for the top spot eventually transitioned into a dominating lead for the no. 36 driver.

With Newhouse checked out on the field, rookie of the year Jayden Park (who had the ROY sealed before the race) and Twin Falls native Jason Quale stole then stole show with a battle that kept the fans on the edges of their seats. However, after a valiant effort to stave off the hard-charging Quale, Park’s truck fell off the pace with about 60 to go, at which point the 3rd spot went to Jason Quale, which helped propel him into a solid 2nd place finish in the overall season standings.

According to Quale’s car-chief Hank Heeling, the two young drivers, Quale and Park, climbed out of their trucks after the race and emphatically thanked one another for the clean and good spirited battle on the track. Heeling said it was refreshing to see two young drivers who had raced so hard on the track come in and show such great respect for one another.

And with that, the 20th anniversary season for the Pro Truck Series ended on a high note, leaving the fans satisfied, and the teams looking forward to 2018. 

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