I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


I hate to admit it but I have not gotten the rules done. In the last few years we have tried our best to have them done by January 1st. Honestly, Pappy, Bryan, Spank, Cortlin and I all have notes but we haven’t gotten together and hashed it over. After that process is completed we will submit any changes to a few friends with no ties to the series for guidance. I wouldn’t for see any major changes, Thanks to a few I assume we will be specking an item or two (possibly torque converter and maybe tighten the shock rule). I also see the syphon valve being required as the rulebook states. We plan to make a video of every truck before it is allowed to compete in our series. We plan to put that video on our website for all to see. The thought is you are much better at teching that we are so we will make sure you all have a good view of all you are competing against. If you would like your truck video done before the season please call, text or e-mail and we will schedule to get it done. Our target for the rules is February 1st


We have some new partners looking on joining our team plans for the 20th anniversary are going well and I think we brought home a great 2017 schedule. If you are doing any car shows, displays or have some contacts that would put out schedule in their business let me know and I will get you a hand full or two


Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  


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